What Causes Bone Pain?

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Click Here to Contact Us  Bone pain can have a severely negative impact on your quality of life. It’s also a likely sign of a serious condition that should be investigated by a doctor. Bone pain is usually deep, penetrating, or dull and may stem from a variety of causes — most often is injury.…

Neuropathy Treatment In Pocatello

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Suffering From Neuropathy? We Can Help In this post, we’ll be describing what neuropathy is and the specific ways in which we provide neuropathy treatment in Pocatello. Neuropathy Neuropathy is a condition in which various nerves malfunction. These include: Sensory nerves (resulting in tingling, numbness, and pain) Autonomic nerves (resulting in loss of bladder control,…

Understanding The Opioid Crisis

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Opioid Crisis

You don’t have to look very far to hear that the United States is in the middle of a national “opioid crisis.” What does this mean? Why is there so much hype about opioids? As you can probably imagine, the national opioid epidemic did not just happen overnight. In fact, it likely started in the…

3 Serious Problems That May Be Causing Your Back Pain

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Contact Our Pocatello Pain Management Doctors Today Pocatello Pain Management For Facet Joint Syndrome This is a health problem very similar to arthritis and may require Pocatello pain management. The spinal joints (cartilaginous structures designed for weight-bearing) between the vertebrae can change and degenerate over time. Facet joint syndrome occurs when spinal joint cartilage breaks…

Pocatello Ketamine Therapy

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Contact Us Today To Find Out More About Ketamine Therapy Infusions In Pocatello Ketamine relieves pain for many patients and helps with treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. Originally developed as an anesthetic agent in the 1960s that saw use on battlefields during the Vietnam War, ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist. The NMDA receptor…

Cancer Pain Treatment In Pocatello

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CLICK HERE to contact us! Tumors put pressure on nerves, organs, and bones causing cancer pain. Cancer also harms surrounding tissue and can even release irritating chemicals in the area surrounding the tumor.  Another indirect cause of cancer pain can result from the very treatment used to solve the problem. Certain types of chemotherapy drugs…

Common Problems Our Pocatello Pain Doctors Treat

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Pain is a part of life. We all know that. However, some conditions that cause chronic pain require medical intervention and treatment. In this post, we’ll be discussing some common problems that our Pocatello pain doctors can treat. Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is something that many people suffer from, however, the condition itself is still something of…

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Contact Us Today To Schedule an Appointment! Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also simply CRPS, is a condition we often see at our Pocatello pain management clinic. It is a condition of the peripheral and central nervous systems that affects an arm or leg, usually occurring after an injury.  Anyone can develop CRPS, although it tends…

Let’s Talk Radicular Back Pain

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Back pain will affect approximately three in four adults during their lifetime. That is a big number! Today we will talk about back pain and your options for pain relief. There are several different types of pain, especially when it comes to back pain. There is acute back pain, which can be severe but has…