Top 10 Ways to Manage Pain

If you are looking for ways to manage pain, you will quickly find that there are many ways to do this. But in this article, we will discuss the most effective and manageable way to deal with your pain, whether it is back pain, neck pain or any other pain.

Chronic pain is a serious health problem that should never be disregarded. Unmanaged pain can lead to more serious health problems.

Pain and Spine Specialist is at the forefront of innovative pain management techniques that deal with almost all types of pain such as back pain, neck pain, neuropathy, joint pain, and headache.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is simply administering relief to a person who is suffering from aches, soreness, or discomfort. It is crippling and at some point paralyzing especially for severe and chronic pain. It can affect your movement, your daily activities, and even your precious time with your family and friends.

While there are many ways to treat pain, the process can be complex. When administered wrongly, it can wreak more havoc and may even cause more serious health issues. That is why it is very crucial to seek the help of a health professional who specializes in pain management.

Types of Pain

There are two major types of pain.

Acute Pain

This refers to the type of pain that results from a medical condition or an injury. For example, a headache as a result of medication can be considered as an acute pain. Acute pain starts abruptly and usually lasts for a short period.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain extends beyond the time a medical condition is expected to end or heal. Pain that goes beyond for more than 3 months is already considered chronic.

In 2016 reports by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 20% of adults in the United States are suffering from chronic pain.

Chronic pain can affect all aspects of a person’s life. It can affect one’s social, physical, emotional, and mental being. If treated or managed poorly, chronic pain can cause depressions, social problems, and sleep problems.

With proper pain management techniques, chronic pain can be reduced and controlled. Here are some proven and effective techniques in managing pain.

Exercise gently

Through simple exercises, you can block the pain signals in your brain and divert your attention. Simple exercises like walking and gardening can also lessen the stiffness of the muscles, thereby lessening the pain.

Hot and cold therapy

One of the most common pain management techniques is hot and cold therapy. Hot therapy helps in dilating blood vessels. It can also relax the muscles and eliminate stiffness. Cold therapy, on the other hand, reduces inflammation and blood flow, which is the common cause of pain.


Massage is an old technique and has been proven to be very effective in managing pain. Like the hot and cold therapy, massage can relax the muscles and remove stiffness. It is also used in physical therapy sessions.

There are many other benefits of massage that help in pain management such as improving flexibility, posture, and blood circulation.


There have been several testimonies that acupuncture can help ease the pain. This health procedure that can be associated with old health practices involves the application of thin needles to the skin at specific points in the body. Its effectiveness has been proven short-lived. There is still no solid proof if it can provide long-term benefits.

CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This is a type of psychological therapy that can help you manage your thinking which eventually help you in managing your pain. As mentioned, chronic pain can trigger mental issues such as depression. With CBT, your perspective is altered and shifted towards something positive, which in turn helps you manage pain.

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy

This is a pain management procedure that involves the applications of low voltage electrical currents into the skin using electrodes. This process triggers a “pain-relieving” response from the body and helps eliminate pain.

Pain medicines

Normally, people who are in pain take pain relievers. These type of medicines contain components that reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


Relaxation techniques can help you manage pain by reducing tensions in your body and relaxing your muscles. The process also helps in releasing endorphins, our body’s natural pain reliever.

Support groups

Joining groups with the same conditions as yours can help you understand your situation more and deal with your condition better. You can ask your group mates for additional tips in pain management.


Some people take comfort in knowing somebody’s able to listen to their pain stories and understand what they are going through.

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